Studio Particle U3D

Gender : 3D GRAFICA
Last updated November 2014.
This free program is aimed at those who create video games with Game Maker + Ultimate3D v2.1 final .
With a few clicks you will understand the plot and next will see the code, ready to be able to recopy in your game.
The program is in ZIP format, and weighs about 1.5 MB.
It does not cover it needs' installer.

In the new version of StudioparticelleU3D you can save 20 types of previously created particles.
You can move the camera in various directions using the directional arrows as well as pressing the blue buttons.
By pressing the view will change as you move the mouse.
Click the mouse or again to return to normal view.

It is possible to raise or lower the view with the and buttons.

The Gravity function has been added: it allows you to create a point in space that will attract or repel various particles.

It is possible to change Gravity's position in space by pressing :

There are other functions that I have not added to the program.
They are used to modify the particles if they collide with a certain object.
Since these values can also be found with the functions already present, it will be easy for you to adapt them to your project.
More particles have been added to the gfx folder to load with the load particle.
If you would like to add your own images, place them in this same folder before loading them into the program.
In the "other" folder there are the.txt files and images relating to the 20 saved particles.

Ce programme gratuit est destiné à ceux qui créent des jeux vidéo avec Game Maker v2.1 + Ultimate3D final.
En quelques clics, vous permettra de comprendre l'intrigue et par la suite, vous pouvez voir le code, prêt à être capable de se reproduire dans votre partie.
Le programme est en format ZIP, et pèse environ 1.5 MB.
Non il a besoin "d'installation.

Este programa gratuito está dirigido a los que crean juegos de video con juegos Maker v2.1 + Ultimate3D final.
Con unos pocos clics, usted entenderá la parcela y, posteriormente, se puede ver el código, listo para ser capaz de reproducir en su juego.
El programa está en formato ZIP, y pesa alrededor de 1,5 MB.
Que excluye las necesidades del instalador.

Dieses kostenlose Programm richtet sich an diejenigen, die Video-Spiele mit Game Maker v2.1 + Ultimate3D endgültig.
Mit wenigen Klicks werden Sie verstehen, die Handlung und in der Folge können Sie den Code ein, bereit, in der Lage sein, in Ihrem Spiel.
Das Programm ist im ZIP-Format und wiegt etwa 1,5 MB.
Ausgeschlossen sind sie braucht "Installer.
The program is provided, without any express or implied warranty.
Under no circumstances should the author be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of this software.
The program is free, no tax or cost is required and its sale is not authorized.




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