Lupo  by civic71
Data : 2022-03-18

  Lupo is a game playable only in the browser OperaGX.
  Lupo è un gioco giocabile solo nel browser OperaGX.

Click here to play open page and play Lupo........Clicca qui per giocare a Lupo







Help Ken collect all the vegetables from his garden.
But watch out for monsters that invade them.
If Ken collects the "golden moon", it will immediately become night (albeit for a short time).
At that moment Ken will transform into a wolf and will be able to bite monsters, making them escape.
Move Ken with the arrow keys.
Press SPACE for dialogue or to pause the game.
Press F11 for fullscreen mode;
Press ESC to back Menu;
Have fun with the 13 levels.

Lupo is a game made by civic71 for GameMakerStudio 2.0 and OperaGX jump development period from 4 to 18 March 2022.
Playable version is the 1 of the 18/03/2022;
Resolution : 1024X600;
Minimum requirements 1.0 GHZ CPU with 4 GB memory;


  1. Made with GameMakerStudio 2.0 and OperaGX;
  2. Graphics made by me through Inkscape and other programs;
  3. Some sounds come from the site;
  4. Music by civic71 made with LMMS.
  5. Animations made with PiccoloAnimatore v2;<






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