Extra  by civic71
Data : 2019-07-22
  Extra is a free PWA app useful for activities such as hotels, bars and restaurants. Via Extra you can store the consumptions not yet paid by your customers.
  Extra è una free app PWA utile per le attività quali hotel, bar e ristoranti . Tramite Extra potete memorizzare le consumazioni non ancora pagate dai vostri clienti.


Click here to access Extra........Clicca qui per accedere ad Extra








Via Extra you can quickly and easily save your customers' unpaid drinks with just a few clicks :
  1. select the room number (or table of your client);
  2. select the consummation ;
  3. save.
Then you can do the total and print it.
Extra was created to be used on Desktop with a screen of at least 1024x600px.
Extra does not save data online and cannot even share it with other devices : if we have 1 pc in the bar, another pc in the dining room, they will not be able to communicate with each other via the Extra app, for example to print a single total of the room / table;
Extra uses the left and right mouse buttons, but there should be no problems if you use a touch screen (not yet tested) .

Extra is a PWA

Extra is a PWA app,ie installable via browser, on Windows, Android devices ( probably also on Mac, but I've never tried it ).
Its code (html5) is found online as any page or website.
If you open Extras with the Chrome browser on Android you will be asked if you want to install the app;
If you open Extras with the Chrome browser on Windows you can install this app ( being on the 1st page ) by clicking at the top left the 3 dots that distinguish the browser options. Then select "Install Extra";
You need at least Chrome in version 70 and it's likely to ask you for desktop mode;

From version 76 of Chrome the button for installation (+) is visible directly in the address bar :

When the app is installed on your device, the data and changes you have made will be saved to it.
This means that you can use Extra even offline.
Attention PWA apps have a memory limit ranging from 5MB to 25MB ( depending on the browser or device ) but this should not adversely affect Extra unless you overdo it with a number of tables and products;

If you wish to uninstall Extra, click the App icon (top left) on Chrome, then click the Extra icon with the right mouse button and finally select "Remove from Chrome":

Extra consists of 5 pages :

1° page   ( introduction and privacy )

The first screen displayed is the one where you accept the terms of use and those for privacy :

2° page   ( Tables screen )

  • Here are the tables ( or rooms ) of customers.

    The various tables are mainly numbered, but as you can see they can be renamed for example with the name of a customer.

    Clicking the button Edit you will enter the edit mode.

    Here you can :
    • change the number of tables using the keys + and - . It will not be possible to cancel a table if the latter still holds the assigned products ( green or yellow table ). To avoid this, first delete each of its products using the Delete button on pages 4 and 5;
    • change the table name :

    • change the header of your hotel using the button Heading :

    Click the button Close Edit to exit the edit mode.

    Tables will change color based on these patterns :
      Table with no added products.
      Table with at least one product added.
      Table for which you have already displayed the Total.
      Previously yellow table to which other products have been added.
    Colors are useful not to make the mistake of assigning to a new customer, a table still full of the products of the previous customer ( To empty a Table, use the Delete button on pages 4 and 5 )

    3° page   ( Products screen )

    It is accessed only after having previously selected a table.
    Here are the clickable buttons related to the various products (coffee, cappuccino, beer, etc ...) .
    Above you can see the name of the table and its number.
    Lower down the 4 main categories, which in turn have up to 10 sub-categories;

    By clicking on a button of the products, the latter will be increased by one unit .
      Clicking it with the right mouse button will decrease it by one unit .

    Click the button Back to return to the 2nd page ( page of the tables ).

    Click the button Edit to enter edit mode.

    Click the button Total to access the 4th page ( Total page ).
      This button is visible only when at least one product is added to the table.

    Once a product has been added to the table, 3 buttons will appear at the top to confirm its assignment to it :

    1. Save and Continue : save added products at the table.
    2. Save   and   Back   : save and return to the 2nd page;
    3.         Cancel           : delete all those units added but not yet saved.

    Modes of modification Edit :

    • Click on one Category or Sub-category, to change the name.
      If the name is empty and you exit the edit mode, the button will no longer be visible.
      Consequently the relative products will not be reachable.
      If you don't need it, you can make all categories and sub-categories invisible.
      In any case, when accessing to the Products ( page No. 3), at least the products of the 1st Sub-category ( in the image below is named in Caffetteria) , will always be visible.

    • You can add new products ( by clicking the + button ) or modify existing ones ( by clicking on them ).
      Add or change the name, a second name, the price, the icon ( among those available ), set the icon to full size, change the color of the button, the color of the text and set its display in 4 different ways. Attention some characters have been disabled and therefore cannot be added, in addition the various texts have a maximum length.

    Zoom: There are buttons Zoom + and Zoom - to set the size (of the Products only), in 4 different sizes;

    In some devices and browsers, it is possible to zoom in and out to make the screen smaller, simply by using the CTRL + and CTR- (Windows) keys, or by enlarging 2 fingers in the touchpad (Android).
    To re-center the various buttons on the screen, just enter and exit the edit mode, change category or switch to another page.

    Click the button Close Edit to exit the edit mode.

    4° page ( Total screen )

    In this screen the total of all the products assigned to that table will be displayed .
    As you can see for each product will be given its category, its name, the total number of units added, the price per unit, the total (price * unit) and the time of the last unit assigned;
    The total of all the added products will be shown below;
    Then the heading of your Hotel is shown ( modifiable on the 2nd page of Extra );

    Click the button Back to return to the 3rd page ( product page ).

    Click the button Stamp to print the total .

    Click the button Complete Total if you want to access the 5th page;

    Click the button Delete to empty each product added to the table, so that it can then be assigned to a new customer :

    5° page   ( Total Complete)

    This screen is mainly identical to the 4th one, except for the display of each individual product and its purchase time, and for the presence of the button Copy with which you can copy to the clipboard the products and the total assigned to that table.

  • Extra is a product made by civic71 ( gamequiz piccolotemporale ) in June and July 2019.


      If the version you installed is older, it is recommended to update it with the new one. You can reinstall the new version after uninstalling the previous one ( remember, however, that you will lose the previously entered data ).

      Se la versione da voi installata è antecedente è consigliato aggiornarla con quella nuova. Potete reinstallare la nuova versione dopo aver disinstallato la precedente ( ricordate che però perderete i dati precedentemente inseriti ).

    Versione Data Modifiche
    25 ottobre 2019 Extra PWA è ora disponibile sul Windows Store
    v 19.10.23 Modificato nome nel manifesto da "Extra" ad "Extra PWA" ;
    v 19.10.13 Sostituito ServicesWorkerN1 con ServicesWorkerN3 : ora salva ogni pagina visitata , quindi anche l'index. Ciò fa si che riavviando l' app ( in offline ), non va più su offline.html, ma su index.html ;
    v 19.9.29 1. Risolto il problema dell orario identico : se aggiungevo un prodotto ad un tavolo, questo aggiornava anche l'orario degli altri prodotti ( della medesima categorie ) precedentemente aggiunti.
    Risolto reimpostando B_Salvare(BBB) .

    2. Controllata anche la scritta 'september' e come misura va bene ( non va a capo );
    v 19.8.11 su index aggiunto ‹/a› su ‹a name....
    v 19.8.6 Extra_Prodotti ... CaricaDati(false) : se entravo in Edit da una categoria diversa da Caffetteria, e poi zoommavo, ritornava in automatico la categoria caffetteria . Ciò comportava, nel caso aggiungevo o modificavo un prodotto, che tali modifiche venissero salvate sulla categoria iniziale;
    v 19.8.4 1. modifiche lunghezza casella data sui totali ( width:270px;)

    2. modificato codice su varie pagine : Extra_index, Extra_Total,Extra_Total_Co..., Extra_Prodotti

    3. modificato codice js : modifica v 19.8.4 is realise by civic71 gamequiz piccolotemporale

    4. modificato anziché ‹ e › con relative ENTITY;

    5. Add img Prodotti 12 ;
    v 19.8.3 1. aggiunto colore rosso su Tavolo e modifiche lunghezza casella data sui totali ( width:232px);

    2. modifiche a frame/ITA ENG;
    29 luglio 2019 disponibile in prima pagina su gamequiz 29 luglio
    v 19.7.28 aggiunte nuove icone , modificate immagini manuale;
    v 19.7.2 aggiunto zoom+ e zoom- + varie migliorie






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