Monoscopio  by civic71
Data : 2020-02-26

  Monoscopio is a free PWA app, which represents a monoscope with sound and 2 editable texts.
  Monoscopio è una app PWA gratuita, che raffigura un monoscopio con suono e 2 testi modificabili.


Click here to access Monoscopio........Clicca qui per accedere a Monoscopio






Monoscopio è una PWA

Monoscopio is a PWA app, i.e. it can be installed via browser on Windows 10, Android devices (perhaps even on IOS, never tried).
Its code ( html5 ) is found online like any page or website.
If you open Monoscopio with the Microsoft Edge browser (chromiun version) or with the Chrome browser (from version 70), on Windows10 or Android, you can install it as an app.
To do this, click on the 3 dots that distinguish the browser options (then select "Install Monoscopio"):

Or if present, click the button to install the pwa (+) in the address bar :

You can also use Monoscopio offline, but only if you have previously opened all its pages, at least once, while you were online.

Monoscopio has 2 Screens :

1°   ( introduction and privacy )

The first screen displayed is the one where you accept the terms of use and those for privacy ( if we are offline you will see the "offline.html" page; ) :

2°   ( Screen with Monoscope )

This screen contains the image of the monoscope, 2 editable texts (the lower one is also scrolling) and a sound that wants to remember the original one ( sinusoidal );

Clicking on this icon is possible :
  1. Change the text above and below;
  2. Activate / deactivate the scrolling text at the bottom;
  3. Display or not the time and date;
  4. Activate / deactivate the sound;
  5. Open credits;

Tested on Windows10 through browsers :
  1. Microsoft Edge ( ver. Chromiun 80 ) also installed as an app;
  2. Chrome ( version 76 ) also installed as an app;
  3. Firefox ( version 73 );
  4. Opera ( version 66 );

Tested on Android through browsers :
  1. Chrome also installed as an app;
  2. Opera ;

It is possible to uninstall the Monoscopio app by clicking the 3 dots that identify its options and then select uninstall.
Or click on Chrome the App icon (top left), then click the Monoscopio icon with the right mouse button and finally select "Remove from Chrome":


The PWA apps are linked to the browser used for their installation, so if you update it to a new version, or delete the navigation data, you risk deleting the PWA data, thus preventing its correct functioning, especially offline .
PWA apps have a memory limit ranging from 5MB to 25MB (depending on the browser or device) but this should not adversely affect Monoscope as it is a light app.

Monoscopio by civic71 ( gamequiz piccolotemporale ) February 2020 .






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