Gender: 2D Isometric Sliding.
Levels: 3
You can download and play this game for free.
To play inserted this Game Password: WII.
In Jesolo Lido ( Venezia , Italy ) is an ongoing race kite-surfing ( or surf with kite ).
Our protagonist wants to participate, but first will have to buy the table surf and coconuts.
You will move to a small town (isometric), With a shop, a fish, and then access 3 surfing competitions ( game scroll ).
He will fight against marine animals by throwing coconuts at them.
The game is in .EXE format and weighs about 4, 95 MB.

This game placed 3rd at the 2007 GMITALIA competition


Once the game has started, enter the relevant game password and click on , you will then access the main screen.
Click on to start a new game and after a short animation where you meet a girl with surfing, you will access the village.
Here you have to collect the coconuts that have fallen from the palm trees, enter the shop or fishmonger and exit immediately.
Now in the village you will also find crabs that will make you lose your nuts and coins if they hit you.
With the left mouse button throw the nuts at the crabs, stunning them for a few seconds and collect them before they wake up.
Resell them at the fish shop to get coins ( by clicking the SELL button ) to then spend in the shop to buy the surfboard, more coconuts ( I recommend taking lots of them ) and maybe some SPEED-POWER ( increases your speed in races ).
Now you are ready to participate in the first surfing competition, from the village, approach the 1st pier to access it.

Surfing competitions

In the races you move the surfer using the directional arrows ( to go up ) and to slow down, while with the left mouse button you throw the nuts at the marine animals and if you have the SPEED-POWER , with the right mouse button increase your speed.

Level 1

Once the race is over, if you have caught some fish, you can get coins from them by selling them to the fish shop. The restaurant chef will ask you to find him an octopus, catch it by participating in the 1st race again and throwing many nuts at it. Once this is done, take it to the chef who will give you in exchange a key with which to open the chain lock that blocks the passage to the 2nd race.

Level 2

Now finish the 2nd race and return to the village, go to the lifeguard who will ask you to find him a life jacket. You can collect the latter by re-participating in the 2nd race. Take it to the lifeguard who in exchange will give you some shears with which you can cut the flowerbed blocking the passage of the 3rd race.

Level 3

Complete this last race too and when you return to the village the girl will ask you to find her lost necklace. Participate again in the third race to find it and then bring it to him. Now she will ask you to go to the restaurant to toast: if you don't accept you can try again at the three races to improve your times (when you return to the girl you can always decide to toast). If you decide to toast, you will access the end-game screen where you can also enter the final score.


The program is provided, without any express or implied warranty.
Under no circumstances should the author be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of this software.
The program is free, no tax or cost is required and its sale is not authorized.




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