Bepi  by civic71
Data : 2021-05-13

  Bepi Venezian is a short memory quiz made in HTML5 ( playable in the browser ) with spoken text.
  Bepi Venezian è un breve quiz di memoria realizzato in HTML5 ( giocabile nel browser ) con testo parlato.


Click here to play Bepi Venezian........Clicca qui per giocare a Bepi Venezian






Bepi Venezian v2

Bepi Venezian is a memory game/quiz made of HTML5 ( playable in the browser ) with spoken text.
The game is very short and you could finish it in less than 10 minutes :)
Bepi the gondolier, will make a short journey with his gondola, during which you will have to memorize the number of animals displayed ( kittens, gulls and fish ), the name of the hotels reported and the information that Bepi will give you.

In the game menu, select a language, between Italian and English, by clicking its flag ( or pressing I or E ).

Press Space ( or click the button at the bottom right ) to advance in the game.
Press F11 to put the game to full screen.
Playable even without a mouse;

At this point if your browser ( Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc... ) is compatible with TTS.js additional buttons will be displayed ( their number varies from browser to browser, from the set language and from whether you are online or not ) that correspond to the entries available in it.
Scroll the item buttons up or down, using the mouse wheel or the up and down directional arrows or by pressing the side buttons up and down.
Each TTS button contains the information of its entry.

If you have selected the Italian flag, click a button with the Italian voice ( ITA ) possibly male.
If you have selected the English flag, click a button with the English ( ENG ) voice possibly male.
If your browser does not have any voice in Italian or English, select one of the available ones, but the result will not be optimal.

While if your browser does not support any voice, you can play it the same by reading what Bepi will tell you.

Enter your name or nickname to talk to Bepi :

At the end of each level ( 5 in total from about 1 minute each ), Bepi will ask you a question to answer, by clicking one of the 3 available answers ( or by pressing keys 1, 2 or 3 ).

If you make a mistake you will have another chance after which there will be GAME OVER :

Known Issues:

  • In LG TVs, the browser does not allow you to use the voices and the game music is disabled in its menu, after selecting a flag.

  • On some browsers such as Firefox, the music may not start by default, so enable it from the URL box and then restart the page.

Currently the playable version is the 2.3 of the 23/05/2021
This game is about 5.44 MB;
The resolution is only 768x480;
Minimum 1.0 GHZ CPU requirements with 2GB memory on Firefox browsers ( FPS greater than other tested browsers);
Realized in the period from March to May 2021.
The game participated in the GameMakerItalia 2021 competition, placing itself in 9th place and winning the "Gran Simpaticone" award:


  1. Made with GameMakerStudio 1.4.xx;
  2. 95% graphics of my realization through Inkscape and other programs;
  3. Animations made with my PiccoloTemporale program;
  4. Music of my realization through the LMMS program;
  5. sounds from various sources;
  6. The game contains code for using spoken text ( TTS text to speech ) : open source javascript code made by third parties ( "jdsmith3000, ststimac, stevebe" ) found on microsoft's site ( no longer available : ). Then adapted by me to work with GameMakerStudio 1.4xx and its HTML5 module.
  7. Special thanks to the users of for trying / testing the game.






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