This program is created for use in the hotel sector and more precisely for the management of hotel room reservations.

HOTEL X version 1.0

( hotel reservation management )

Genre: hotel program
You can download and use this program for free.

It is still in the experimental phase and although I have tested it, I cannot guarantee its perfect functionality. For this reason you may encounter programming errors causing inconveniences.
If you want to use this program anyway, by clicking the space bar ( ) on the introductory page of the same, you will not accept any liability for any failure to function properly or for any other defects or problems found in or therefor program and you will access its main page ( image below ).
This program is in ZIP format and weighs approximately 824Kb, while you will need free space on the hard disk equal to 1.81MB for the executable version.

Operation :

As you can see in the image above on the left from top to bottom there is a table with the number of rooms, ( in this program there is a maximum of 50 rooms ).
While further up ( from left to right ) you will notice the boxes of the months with the relative days.
You can enter booking data for a seasonal period including the months of May, June, July, August and September.
You can change the name of the months ( perhaps to put them in another language ) by clicking on the fourth icon in the upper toolbar, a selection menu will then appear, then clicking on the month to be modified will display a window where this is possible type the new name. If you want to re-enter the previous name of that month, call up that same window, then click on ok.

In the upper toolbar you will find 6 icons:

  1.    The first called insertion is used to change a flashing white box into a permanent box.
  2.    The second called color-menu is used to determine the color of the permanence boxes.
  3.    The third will make you view the information page, otherwise also visible by pressing the key on the keyboard.
  4.    The fourth instead will allow you to make some changes to the program.
  5.    The fifth icon will be used to read existing saves.
  6.    This last icon is used to save the changes made.

The boxes :

There are 3 different types of boxes : the White    , the flashing one     and that of Permanence    of different colors.

On the main screen of the program you will notice a register made up of white boxes, each of which represents a customer's possible overnight stay for one night. For example, if you want to enter the arrival data of a customer, click the white box corresponding to the room assigned to him on the day of his arrival.

At this point you will notice that that box is flashing    , now click the icon called insert    this one will go from red to green    then click again on the flashing box    and it will become a permanence space    .

This represents the stay of that customer for one night but if he stays for 2 or more nights, just click the white box next to it on the right.

Now this will become twice as long, thus representing a 2-night stay, continue clicking the white boxes next to each other to determine the multi-night stay ( maximum 31 nights ). It is also possible to click the white box above if you wish to define the customer's arrival one day earlier.

NOTE : only if you have the same color menu as that same stay box will you be able to extend it by clicking precisely on the white one next to it.
In fact, if the color menu is different, you will not extend that permanence box at all but rather you will insert a new one.

When the departure of a customer coincides with the arrival of a new customer on the same day and of the same room, you will end up with 2 boxes of permanence matching but of different colour. You can see an example in the image above where the red box of the Bossi customer matches with the blue one of the customer Maldini. This also matches the green box of the customer Baresi.
However, it may happen that the matching boxes are of the same color, however you will notice that they are divided from each other by a gray line.

In the image above you can see the 2 red boxes, one for the Zanon customer and the other for the Civic71 customer, separated from each other by a white box.
Now if you would like to anticipate the arrival of the Civic71 customer by one day, by clicking the previous white box, you will actually assign a day in addition to the Zanon customer. To solve this problem you must first change the color of the Civic71 customer box and then click the previous white box, having first selected the menu color identical to this same box.
To change the color of the box read the part below relating to the data.


Once you have created a customer's stay box, click on it with the right mouse button to open a dialog box in which you will be asked the question :
Do you want to enter customer data ?
Now click on yes to insert them, while if you click on no a second question will be asked:
Do you want to delete this box ?
If you click on yes the box will be permanently deleted with the related data.

If a customer's data is already entered in a permanence box, clicking on it with the right mouse button will open a window with a first question :
Do you want to change the data?
By selecting on you will open a small menu where you can select a piece of data to modify (name, surname, date of birth...etc).
If in this same menu you select New color, the color of that box will change based on the current color of the color menu.
To remove the small menu, select Cancel from its options.
If instead to the question:
Do you want to change the data? you clicked no you will see a new question:
Do you want to delete this box?
As written before, if you click on yes the box equal to one night will be definitively deleted with the related data, while if it is for several nights, this will be reduced by one night's stay.

If you hover over a box with the mouse, all its data will be shown at the top of the screen, but they will be visible up to the maximum length available for that data.

Move the filing cabinet :

To move the view of the filing cabinet to the right you must move the mouse to the right edge of the screen of this program until you won't see it move.
The same goes for moving the view of the filing cabinet to the left, move the mouse to the left edge of the screen. To bring the view of the filing cabinet downwards, move the mouse towards the bottom edge of the screen until it moves.
To move the view of the mailbox upwards, move the mouse beyond the top edge of the screen.
If by chance the mouse is outside the program window, you may experience an unwanted upward movement of the view of the filing cabinet.

Other functions and utilities:

To the left of the 6 icons the current color of the color menu is represented with the date of the day. You can notice a green vertical line visible in the months from May to September which represents the beginning of the boxes of the current day.
While a blue vertical line will divide one month from another.

You can see in the image above the Sundays of that month are highlighted in dark blue (7-14-21-28 August, while 4 for September). You can change the Sunday days of the year by selecting from the change icon    the item called Sundays. You will then open a small menu with 7 sections, select the one relating to the 1st Sunday of May and all the others will be automatically adapted.

By selecting from the modifications icon    the section called hotel name you can change the current name ( Hotel X ) to that of your hotel.

While selecting from the modifications icon    the section called beds, the relative number of beds available in that room will be added to the number of rooms.
By default there are 2 beds, but you will be able to modify this quantity by reselecting the same section ( beds ) from the modification icon so that a first menu opens in which you can select a decimal of rooms.
At this point a 2nd menu will open where you can select the room number relating to that same dozen and finally it will open a 3rd menu where you can select the quantity from 1 up to a maximum of 7 beds in that room.
Indicating the number of beds for each room can take up a lot of time, but you can do it over several days, saving each time.
In the 1st menu of the section ( beds ), there is also the DELETE TABLE section, if selected the question will appear :
Do you want to delete the bed table ?
Logically if you click on yes this will be removed.
In this version 1.0 it is not yet possible to create a customer account.

The colors of the floors:

To facilitate the visualization of a hotel floor, this is highlighted in a different color from each other:
1st floor in light blue, 2nd floor in green, 3rd floor in purple, 4th floor in brown and the 5th floor in red. By default, the floors consist of 10 rooms, but you can change the quantity :
To do this you must select from the changes icon    the section called floors, you will thus see a menu from the 2nd to a maximum of 5th floors.
Now click on the 2nd floor to view another menu, here if in your hotel the 2nd floor starts from the tenth room, select the number 10.
At this point the green color will start from the tenth chamber. Now do the same thing for the other floors.
These floor menus consider that your hotel has a minimum of 5 rooms per floor, this determines that the possible selection of the 2nd floor starts from the 6th up to the 30th room.
The 3rd floor starts with a selection from the 11th to the 35th room, the 4th floor from the 16th to the 40th room.
The 5th floor from the 21st to the 50th room.
This last plan disappears permanently if you select Delete.

ATTENTION : do not make the mistake of selecting, for example, for the 3rd floor ( purple colour ) a smaller room than the one selected for the 2nd floor (green colour), otherwise the latter will be hidden by that of the 3rd floor.

Function of the Keys

: Pressing this key displays the information page.

: pressing this key will display everything full screen.

Left mouse button: clicking on the white box will make it flash. Clicking on the icons of the upper toolbar will activate the function.

Right mouse button : clicking on a flashing box will return it to a simple white box. By clicking on a permanence box you can open a window where you can enter customer data such as name and surname ( this will then be visible above that same stay box ), the quantity of people for that room (in default it is written: 2+2 children), the price per person in € (in default it is written: price + children's price ), the type of pension that the customer wants ( you can choose between Full, Half, Breakfast, while for Sleeping only click on the keyboard ), the date of birth, the city of birth, the nationality ( by default it will be Italian ) , the default residence will find written: city and (province), and the street with the relative number.

keyboard key: By pressing this button, the flashing box will change back to a white box. To be used especially when you find that you are unable to see and therefore delete the flashing box
( using the right mouse button ) .

Therefore : it is possible to delete the flashing box inserted by mistake by clicking on it with the right mouse button , or using the key.

Saving and loading :

To save the changes to the program just click on the appropriate icon    ( the last of the 6 icons on the right ), a window will open with the name of the file relating to the current year for example : prenotazioni_hotel2004.sav , if the current year is 2004.
This file will be saved in the same folder where the file for this program is also present.
Every January 1st the file name will change to the new year, which means that you will have one file for each year.
The save files are large based on the amount of data entered. For this reason, if you are not interested in keeping files from past years, I advise you to delete them so that they do not take up space in your computer's memory unnecessarily.

To read the save file just click on the previous icon   , and a dialog box will open with the name of the file relating to the current year.
For example : prenotazioni_hotel2005.sav , if the current year is 2005.
So if you want to read the previous year's file you just need to change the number from 5 to 4 with this result : prenotazioni_hotel2004.sav.

The program is provided, without any express or implied warranty.
Under no circumstances should the author be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of this software.
The program is free, no tax or cost is required and its sale is not authorized.




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