Hello  by civic71
Data : 2022-10-18

  Help Mr.Hello to collect as much fruit as possible while avoiding obstacles and enemies.
  Aiuta Mr.Hello a raccogliere più frutta possibile evitando gli ostacoli ed i nemici.

Click here to play open page and play Lupo........Clicca qui per giocare a Lupo







Hello is a 2D side scrolling game for mobile.
Hello automatically moves forward with its speed increasing over time.

The game is graphically inspired by Pac-land but offers a different gameplay.
Collect fruit to increase your score and avoid getting hit by Snails and Spiders.

By clicking the screen , Hello will be able to jump over obstacles.
Clicking the screen twice will make Hello jump longer.
By clicking and holding ( or by pressing the key ) the game pauses.

Hello is a game made by civic71 for the "Mobile Game Jam" of GameMaker and OperaGX realized in 2 weeks from 4th to 18th October 2022.

The game is available on

Playable version 1 del 18/10/2022.
Resolution : 1920x1080 ( orrizontale mobile );
Size approx 13MB;
Color : Red = 237; Green = 48; Blu = 91;
Minimum requirements : 1.0 GHZ CPU con 4 GB memori ram;


  1. Made with GameMakerStudio 2.0 and OperaGX;
  2. Graphics made by me using Inkscape and other programs;
  3. Cup by Boudles\Incidentals\Tropies and Awards ( by Boundle GMS2 );
  4. Animations made with PiccoloAnimatore v3;
  5. Some Sounds and Music present in the game :
    • Snd_Intro_click : jingles_STEEL00 by
    • Snd_Ragno : knifeSlice by
    • Musica Snd_Intro : MP3_Dream_Waves_STEM_Main Synth
      ( by Boundle GMS2 modified by Civic71 through Audacity );
    • Snd_Speed_Max : Boudles\B6 Assets\Sounds\SFX\Ship
      ( by Boundle GMS2 ) ;
    • Snd_Hello "HELLOOOOO! " made with the app "ANy Text to Voice";
    • Snd_GameOver "GAMEOVER" made with the app "ANy Text to Voice";
  6. Script used "Text Wave" by FoxyOfJungle
    ( basic functions for quick "wave", "rainbow" and "shake" effects );







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