Robottino restyling       ( 3D adventure )

Levels : 7
Last modified : 2023-01-01
You can download and play this game for free.

On a quiet day a Robot and 2 turtles walk the path of the house, when they are attacked by an evil being, who kidnapping a turtle.
Robot and the remaining turtle want to find their friend and chase the villain with the ominous name of TERRON.

In this adventure you will guide the Robot through obstacles and puzzles
fighting various enemies until the final battle with TERRON.
After an introductory animation of the story, you will enter the first level .
Recover rupees ( game points ) and the stars necessary to open the access doors
to the next level ( 7 in total )

Robotc71 commands ( press or click )

: forward.
: rotate right.
: rotate left.
: rotates 180°.
o : shoot.
o : jump, ( + for the footrests ).
: return to the Menu or close the game.
: pause the game.

The program is provided, without any express or implied warranty.
Under no circumstances should the author be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of this software.
The program is free, no tax or cost is required and its sale is not authorized.

More info & credits :

  • Released 2023-01-01;
  • Format : exe ;
  • Size about 12MB;
  • Made with Gamemaker 1.4 + Ultimate3dGM8.dll;
  • OS : Windows 10 ;
  • Resolution : 800x600 ;
  • Minimum requirements : 1.0 GHZ CPU with 4 GB ram memory;
  • No installation required;
  • 2D Graphics by Inkscape + GM8 Image Editor Test;
  • 3D graphics by Anim8or + Sculptris;
  • 3D engine by;
  • Music inspired by Nintendo games by
    Changes in ogg format from civic71.
  • Some sprites taken from the Boudles Incidentals ( by GMS2 );
  • Beta testers by;
  • Icon of the game by AgamemnonStoke;

Live by Jack :

Robottino v1

The previous version of the Robottino game was released way back in 2007
Made on WindowsXP with Gamemaker 5.0 + Ultimate3d.dll.
He participated in the 2008 video game competition, finishing 3rd :

Game solution Robottino v1

1° level :   tower

In the first level there are scattered stars to collect immediately, while others are present in the cubes with the symbol : stand under them and jump to break them, or use the laser for those on the ground.

2 more stars are present under 2 wooden manholes, jump on them to free them.

Once the enemy robots and explosive barrels are destroyed, a bottle of water will appear in the center of the level. Collect it and fill it by crossing the pond . Now approach the big black daisy, have the water regenerate her 3 times and she will drop a star.

There are 2 chests in the first level that you can open with 2 hidden keys : one can be found inside the wooden hut while the other you can collect once the cubes are destroyed .

Move the large wooden crates until one finally lands on the tile with the star symbol and another star will be released.

Another star is placed under a large chest that rises and falls.

Once all 20 stars have been collected, the door to the Tower will open and you can enter it.

Video solution of the 1° level :

2° level :   the room

Once you enter the Tower, you will find yourself in a dark room.
Shoot the laser to destroy all the cubes with the symbol and collect the bulb.
Now go to the center of the room and make a jump, in this way you can insert the bulb in the Chandelier and light up the room.
At this point, however, a large spider will descend from the ceiling.
Shoot him, without getting caught, until you've eliminated him.
A star will appear, pick it up and approach the door that will open... exit.

Video solution of the 2° level :

3° level :   washes

In this level you have to go up on the various platforms ( some players have found it difficult to do so, I advise you to get as close as possible and press ) to reach a button with the symbol ( as you can see in the image above ).
Step on this button for a new platform to appear ( only for a short time ).
Return to the starting point and climb the platforms until you reach and pass the one that has just appeared.
Continue until you find and collect a key.
From there, go down to the ground to reach the chest which you can now open using the key found.
Collect the star that came out of the chest and return to the starting point where there is the exit door.
Open it and exit.

Video solution of the 3° level :

4° level :   snow

In this level, you start by shooting the 3 snowmen repeatedly until they are completely destroyed.
One of them hides a star, one the button, while the third a chest whose key is inside a cube.
Find the key and open the chest to free a star.

Press the button for a raised floor to appear, climb the steps and jump on them to be able to get above the tower.
Now wait for the arrival of a flying carpet, climb on it to be transported to the 2° tower.
During this short journey you will pass under a cube, at that moment take a jump to break it and thus free another star ( do not get off the carpet to collect the star ... you will do it later ).
Once at the 2° tower, wait for another flying carpet to arrive on the left of the screen.
Climb it, destroy another cube ... keep doing this 2 more times until you reach the last tower ( near the steps ) with a star on it.
Once you get off this last tower, collect the various stars previously freed from the cubes.
Also in this level there is the mini-game of large boxes to be placed on top of the tiles with the star symbol.
Do it and you will get 2 more stars.

Once all 13 stars have been collected, the passage with the word START will open and the green Tarta friend will turn over on itself.
Climb on it ( as if it were a sled ) and with it you will reach the next level.

Video solution of the 4° level :

5° level :   the ski slope

In this level on board your turtle-sled you will have to travel the ski slope several times until you collect all 15 stars.
To change the direction in the runway press or , while with the you can momentarily slow down the speed ( works only if you have rupees le which will gradually decrease ).
As in a real ski race you will have to pass through the doors between the blue or red poles.
In case you pass outside one of these doors, or you collide with some obstacle, you will have to start the whole race from the beginning.
Along the way you will find cubes which can only be destroyed by colliding with them.
In this level the laser is deactivated.
Once destroyed they will release a star, which it will be possible to collect by returning to that same point.
When you have collected all 15 stars you can finish the level by passing the blue finish line.

Video solution of the 5° level :

6° level :   mother rabbit

In this level you have to find 5 stars so that you have a total of 20 stars which will allow the 2nd flying carpet ( the one next to Mama Rabbit ) to transport you up to Terron.
Here you will find 5 ghosts to eliminate, to do so shoot them and they will become red and smaller, continue until they disappear completely.
Once eliminated, the 1° star to collect will appear next to the robot.

Now go to where there is a big pink ball, colliding with it, it will move in that direction.
You have to roll it throughout the level while standing, careful that it does not stop or collide with the various wedges ( to avoid them, try to move it only when they are underground ).
In case the ball is destroyed, a new one will reappear at the starting point.
When you get close to the mother rabbit, you will notice the presence of a tile with the symbol.
Make sure that the rolling ball stops above it and you can thus make the 2° star appear and then collect it.

Go to Mama Rabbit and she will ask you to bring her a drink.
You therefore need to take the bottle above the 1° tower.
Climb the steps ( to jump on them press ) to access the roof of the 2° tower and wait to then step on the flying carpet that will transport you above the other tower .
Along the way you will come across a cube which you can break with a simple jump ( when you are exactly under it ).
Collect the bottle in the tower and once you go down collect the 3° star previously freed from the cube.

Head to the pond with the rainbow to fill the water bottle.
Then take it to Mama Rabbit and she will give you a star.

Now Mama Rabbit is starting to jump because she still needs your help.
Go talk to her and she will ask you to find her 10 lost puppies.
Look for them by level and once you find them all, bring them back to their mother who will give you another star.

Now get on the flying carpet placed on the ground ( near there ) and you will be transported to the last level.

Video solution of the 6° level

7° level :   Terron

For this last level there will be no solution :)






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