TukTuk Patong Beach

Gender: Isometric game
Levels: 1
Made with GameMakerStudio 1.4.xx from March / April to December
Version 2.0 ( 18/12/2020 )
The game is in exe format and weighs approximately 28.347 KB;
Resolution : 768x480.
Minimum CPU requirements from 1.0 GHZ; Memory 2 GB
You can download and play this game for free.
TukTuk Patong Beach, is a Windows game that does not need to be installed to play it.
Transport customers to their destinations by driving through the streets of the city of Patong ( Thailand ).
Collect fruit to increase points, time and turbo for incredible acceleration.
Make your high score before time runs out and it will be uploaded to the online ranking.
Play in the easy or hard version and select your preferred language from: Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.

The program is provided, without any express or implied warranty.
Under no circumstances should the author be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of this software.
The program is free, no tax or cost is required and its sale is not authorized.
Screen of introduction and privacy

The first screen is where you accept the terms of use and those for privacy. This page is automatically set in your language ( among those available ), otherwise by default it will be in English, although pressing you can always change it.

Screen of Menu

In this screen, using the and arrow keys, you can select the game mode between Easy or Hard

  1. EASY with the guide of the yellow 4-wheeled Tuk Tuk.
  2. HARD with the guide of the 3-wheeled Tuk Tuk of blue color : more difficult mode not being able to visualize the position on the map, of the arrival. In summary you will receive many more points.

If you are connected to the internet, you will see the online ranking
( also present below ) and which you can always update by pressing , with your nick name and the score you have reached
( although this also happens automatically at end of each game ).

From the Menu screen, press to start playing.

The first time you will be asked to enter your nickname and to select the flag of your country ( among those available ) :

Game screen

Press again to start the game and display the pause screen with the various commands :

Press whenever you want to deactivate or reactivate the pause.

How to play :

Drive the Tuk Tuk stopping in the green area to pick up the customer :

takes the customer to his destination ( top right box ) :

stop at the arrival of that destination :

Customer arrival area
Number of customers to be transported within the time limit :
  • Green time = limit within which the loaded customer must be transported ( the faster you are the more points you will receive )
  • Yellow time = limit within which all 30 customers must be transported;
Collect fruit to increase :
  1. points;
  2. time;
  3. turbo ( max 12 );
Colliding with the black oil stains, you will momentarily lose control of the Tuk Tuk and decrease the time available.

Colliding with other cars or the side of the road will decrease the time available.
Remember that driving is on the left and some roads are one-way, but you can still use reverse.

Map ( present at the bottom right )

  1.     green dot : customers;
  2.     blue dot : other cars;
  3.     yellow dot : your TukTuk;
  4.   red dot : arrival ( not visible in Hard );

Known issues and bugs

  1. If you unload a customer on arrival it can happen that he gets stuck on the sidewalk or keep walking in the street ( in front of the Hard Rocky Cafe or at 7-11 );
  2. By clicking the icons at the bottom of the Menu screen, the relevant link will open via the default browser. In case this is Edge or Chrome the links could open in wrong way : %22http// instead http:// .
    I have not encountered this in Firefox and Opera browsers.
    The problem is probably due to GMS 1.4.xx;

TukTuk   Ranking Game

The best 30 classified on 7 players .
Name Country Score
1 civic ITA  148531
2 Goldensun ITA  9392
3 Alexo ITA  8812
4 ifdesu BRA  7001
5 carota ITA  6001
6 saru JAP  4502
7 condors94 ITA  4001





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