Easy Bookmaker Manager

Genre : Bookmaker Manager
You can download and use this program for free.

Easy Bookmaker Manager ( EBM ) is a program free thought for those who need a faster method and practical to control their favorite links.
EBM is composed primarily of a html page ( viewable from any browser ) that contains widget_link : thumbnail image of the bookmark, instead of the classic text link.
EBM then makes surfing the web simple, practical and fast.

EasyBookmakerManager browser version

E can use EasyBookmakerManager directly from your browser, by accessing the page " EBM_Browser.html" in the folder of the program. Council not to enter as your home page ( HOME ) in your browser in order to be immediately accessible.

HTML version of the program is very easy to surf the internet :
  • Click the wideget_link with the left button of the mouse to open the webpage in the same window.

  • Click the wideget_link with the right button of the mouse to open the webpage in a new window (not for all browsers).

  • button bottom right, you will redirect to this same page of information.

  • bottom left shows the name dellla category currently displayed.

  • The categories at the top are more than ten and you can change the name.

  • hover the mouse over a widget_link, are reported in the information form below ( red ) and its links ( blue ). The information in red will be sliding on some browsers like Internet Explorer.

  • button at the bottom right, you can access the program folder. Click the 'star' icon to start EBM.exe ( Warning: This button is only displayed by Internet Explorer browser.
    If you use another browser, it is recommended to create and add to the desktop a shortcut to the program EBM.exe so may this be easily accessible ).

  • The video resolution is 1024 X 768, however EBM_Browser.html has been implemented so that we can adapt the best we can to the various video resolutions.
    The bar at the top instead of categories does not resize, which is why if your screen resolution is less than 1024px, you will not see any categories in it.


The browser based version (html) is relatively limited. Indeed change or add new widget_link and other functions, you must use EBM.exe . Any changes made to it will automatically be included in version EBM_Browser.
As you will see from the picture below, it is in appearance, much like his own version for browsers :

You will have 10 Categories and for each of them you can enter 35 widget_link.

All start (if the connection with Internet Explorer and active) also displayed the same page of information. To do this, it will open Internet Explorer, which must be present in your PC.
This does not affect the use of other browsers, it will be able to open several links with different types of browsers. Each browser has a relative URL to use it which can vary from PC to PC. You can change the 'URL of your browser from the command options.

Categories : Click the button left of the mouse to display a category and its widget_link. Click the button right of the mouse to change the category name. In the options you can change the quantity of visible categories (min = 5, max = 10;)

Widget_link : (min = 1, max = 35;) Each has an identification number visible in the upper right (in this example is the number 1). Click on the button left of the mouse to open the web page. While the button right of the mouse, you can change the title, link el 'image. When you are asked to add an image click on:
  • No if you do not want to add any photos of the site;
  • Add If the 'image is already present in the folder img_link.
  • Search to search and view 's image of the site via the Internet
    ( You have to have the active connection to use the tool provided by the site http://open.thumbshots.org/ );
    L 'image of the site will appear in the upper part of the program.
    Click on it with the right mouse button and save it in the folder img_link with the name of the identification number Widget_link that corresponds to him.

With this button you can add (max: 35) a new Widget_link category.

by this button you can delete (min: 1) 's last Widget_link that category. In this case you will be asked to confirm deletion.

Open the images folder of links. If you want to move an image from a widget_link you can simply rename it to another by clicking on it with the right mouse button and select Rename.
The naming must match the number of widget_link chosen.

Similarly you can click Edit to change the 'image as your default drawing program ( Paint ).

View in full screen this same page of information.

size with initial size page of information.

( E' can also use the arrows UP and Down of the keyboard to increase or decrease the size of the web page ).

Open the Options page.
Close the Options page ( also by clicking a category );


Keep in mind that when you use this program always open Internet Explorer. As for the 'opening widget_link you can select a different browser.

To do this, you will find in the options widget_browser click the button left mouse select its browser which can open web pages relating to links widget_link.   Clicking on the button right of the mouse you can change the 'URL on the browser ( in fact this may vary from preset ).
STANDARD BROWSER is the default browser used in your computer.

This is the widget_Background with which you can change the background color.

This is the widget_window with which you can set the window size from 800x570 to 1024x735.
If you select 800x570, you will have only eight categories.

This is the widget_N_Categorie with which you can change the quantity of these categories ( Max 10 ). Be careful if you change the number of categories you have to click the right button on a 1 category is for you to make the change even the browser version EasyBookmakerManager ( EBM_Browser).

graphics resolution is 1024 X 768.
The program is compatible with Windows XP.
The program is in ZIP format, and weighs about 2.3 MB.

The program is provided, without any express or implied warranty.
Under no circumstances should the author be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of this software.
The program is free, no tax or cost is required and its sale is not authorized.