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You forget the dates of birthdays or anniversaries ?
Then this program is right for you because you can remember the dates of birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
You can create reminders annual, monthly, weekly or for any other day you requested.
Easy, is useful and does not cost anything.
In the new version do not need to select the language because it is set automatically based on the language of your pc, among those available : Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian or English ( default ).

MANUAL OF USE Version 3.0
for WINDOWS 10

This program does not require installation, but requires :

  • Created a Leggi.exe link: click over with the right mouse button and select ' creates connection '.
  • Moved the connection in the folder :
    C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup   ( changes "Username" with your name in pc )

    otherwise in this other folder, will be started for all pc users :
    C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

This is for the Leggi.exe program to be opened whenever you start Windows.
(if you move Leggi.exe to other folders, you must replace the link with a new one )
It will check if there are no messages for that day and if successful will display them ... otherwise the program closes automatically.
Here are a image of ( Leggi.exe ) which displays the Notes of the day :

As you can see in the bottom left there is the basket icon to eliminate definitely that notes.
Pressing instead the "x" you close the notes.
Lower right there is reported the number of Notes available on that day.
If there are more than one will be possible see others by pressing the arrows directional or by clicking the arrow :

Leggi.exe will position itself on the right side of the screen :

After :
  1. Start Scrivi.exe and press RESET.
  2. Write your notes.
  3. Click on buttons ( day, month and year ) for the date display ( click the right mouse button to select all the days, all the months, or all the years ) .
  4. Press SAVE to save it.

Below you can see Scrivi.exe with a note with text, image and music :

 This icon indicates that there is a music in notes, click to stop her.

This button is used to access the folder all notes.
  • Here in the " Other " you can delete folders from past years.
  • Do not delete individual Note.txt if not of days gone by.
  • Each Note.txt is saved with the date and sequence number for example: 20160815_1.txt matches the Note.txt n°1, day 15 , August , 2016;
    to delete a single note, click the basket button when it is displayed.
  • In the folder " IMG " you will find the images you uploaded.
  • In the folder " SND " there will be music from you uploaded.
    For any reminder relating to of birthdays can add this my jingle: HappyBirthday.ogg

Version 3.0 , tested on Windows 10 (is not UWP, 5 MB ZIP format ) :
The program is provided, without any express or implied warranty.
Under no circumstances should the author be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of this software.
The program is free, no tax or cost is required and its sale is not authorized.

 USER MANUAL   Old Version 2.0 for XP or Seven ( 17 May 2009 )

Download Version 2.0 for Windows XP or Seven formato ZIP di 1.5 MB

  • Download the program from the link above and unpack file into a folder.
  • You will notice that the program is made up of 2.exe files :
    1. Scrivi_promemoria.exe to write messages and determine their viewing date;
    2. Leggi_promemoria.exe to view messages on the set day.

  • Now click with the right mouse button on Leggi_promemoria.exe ,
    select "create shortcut" and it will be created in the same folder.

  • Drag and insert the "shortcut" to the Leggi_promemoria.exe program onto the folder :
    "C:\Documents and Settings\you name\Start Menu\Programs\Startup"
    , remembering to change you name , with your own name.
    This is used so that the Leggi_promemoria.exeprogram is opened every time Window XP is started. It will check whether there are any messages for that day and, if successful, will display them. Otherwise, the program will close automatically.

  • Now start the Scrivi_promemoria.exe ( image above )

  • Select one of the available languages : Italian, French, Spanish, German or English.
    The next time you start Scrivi_promemoria.exe the language will be automatically set to the chosen one.

  • Click on the red button "RESET".
    If you do not do so, you will not be able to write a new memo.

  • Start writing.

  • Using these 3 blue buttons select the date on which you want to view the reminder.
    The "X" if clicked will close the program (this is also possible by pressing the "ESC" key ).

    1. DAY : select the day by clicking on it with the left mouse button;
      If you click on it with the right mouse button, the weekly day selection menu will appear ( Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc.), you can thus create reminders visible every Sunday or Monday, etc...

    2. MONTH : select the Month (January, February, March, etc.) by clicking on it with the left mouse button. If you select "All Month" you can create reminders visible every month, on the pre-established day.

    3. YEAR : click on it and select the year from the menu. If you select All Year you can create reminders visible every year in the pre-established month and day ( Ideal for birthdays and anniversaries ).

  • Using these 3 black buttons you can change the font of the text. To increase the value of the "FONTNAME" and "FONTSIZE" buttons, click them with the left mouse button, while to decrease their value, click them with the right mouse button. These 2 buttons will be active until the end of the first line of text, after which they will be deactivated. To reactivate them you will have to press "RESET", but keep in mind that this will make you delete the previously written text.
    R :14 indicates the number of lines possible at that moment in consideration of the size of the FONT SIZE. So the larger the font, the fewer lines you will have available.

  • Using these 3 green buttons you can :

    1. ADD LINK : Add a link to a website, which if clicked will open the relevant web page .

    2. ADD IMMAGE : Add an image present on your PC;

    3. ADD SOUND : Add a sound or music to listen to;

    Here is an image of "Scrivi_promemoria.exe" music and an image loaded.

    As you can see the buttons have become red. By clicking them again it will be possible to remove the image and/or remove the music.

    PLAY SOUND PROMEMORIA   If music or sound is loaded, this icon will also appear with which you can start or stop the sound.

    By hovering over it with the mouse the loaded image will be enlarged and clearly visible.

  • Using this button you can change the color of the post-it.

  • Access this same web page dedicated to the program.

  • Click the green "SAVE" button and confirm saving.

  • And here is an image of Leggi_promemoria.exe which displays a reminder previously written with "Scrivi_promemoria.exe" for the day 05/15/2009.
    As you can see at the bottom right there is "Promemoria : 1/2"( Reminder: 1/2) which indicates reminder number 1 out of the 2 present for that day.
    To view the other reminder of the day, simply click on the blue arrow or press the directional arrow on the right or left keyboard.    or press the left or right keyboard arrow.

Updates - VERSION 2.0

  1. The language is now automatically set when the program starts, based on the last flag selected.

  2. It is now possible to write multiple messages for the same day and then view them on "Leggi_promemoria.exe" using the clickable arrow or by pressing the right or left directional arrows.

  3. t is now possible to add a clickable link to both "Leggi_promemoria.exe" and "Scrivi_promemoria.exe" .

  4. It is now possible to write a reminder that will open every year, on the pre-established day of the month
    ( Ideal for writing reminders for birthdays or anniversaries only once ).

  5. It is now possible to write a reminder that will open every month on the pre-established day ( Ideal for monthly tasks ).

  6. It is now possible to write a reminder that will open every Sunday, or every Monday, Tuesday, etc... ( Ideal for weekly tasks ).

  7. Now all reminders will be saved to a dedicated folder ;

  8. Once Leggi_promemoria.exe is started, it will be barely visible and will close quickly if there are no messages for that day.

  9. It is now possible to insert an image into the reminder. Which will be displayed in a small size, but if you hover over it with the mouse, it will become large.

  10. Now Scrivi_promemoria.exe automatically adds the missing annual folders.

  11. Add sound and set_cursor ( hand ) when hovering over the various buttons;

  12. It is now possible to add a sound or music to each reminder, which will be listened to in loop mode. Click on paly to start the sound or to pause it (some types of mp3 may not be loaded).

  13. By pressing the "Canc"( Delete ) key it is now possible to permanently delete the promemoria..txt file visible at that moment. But you will continue to view its contents until you close the Leggi_promemoria.exe program.

  14. Added missing texts in various languages ;

  15. Add blank ticket;

  16. Fixed bug in the number of lines reported in Leggi_promemoria.exe.

  17. Fixed text wrapping bug;

  18. Added a text cursor.

  19. Fixed backspace bug;

  20. Graphically added to Scrivi_promemoria.exe number of available lines ( R : 14 );

  • It is possible to delete the reminder currently displayed on Leggi_promemoria.exe, pressing the keyboard key "Canc" or "Del" and then clicking the "Yes" button.
  • To delete old reminders you must access the "OTHER" folder, then the one relating to a specific year and finally delete the desired.txt file.
  • Inside the "OTHER" folder you will find folders relating to each year.
    If you wish, you can delete those from years that have already passed.





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