After creating a site related to my city ( ), I decided to create one that talked about my hobby, that is, creating projects with GameMaker, Intel's XDK, HTML5, etc...
In this site of mine you will find games, programs, demos, 2D and 3D graphics ( by Anim8or ), sound and sound effects, Ultimate3D dlls, various manuals and downloadable files that can be used for free ( with some exceptions ).

At the beginning this site of mine was hosted by
In 2011 I finally decided to move everything to https// and to make this site a 2.0 version ( i.e. that the visitor could also add his own comments ), with Drupal.

In 2015, having refined a minimum of php and javascript, I decided to redo the site, detaching it from Drupal.
In 2015 we received more than 2000 downloads of our small games and programs. We thank everyone for trying our new and old applications ( some dating back to 2003 ) for Windows devices from XP, Windows7 and now Windows 10 + various HTML5 for browsers, and a game also for Android.

Some links on this site ( gamequiz) may take you to pages on the Jesolo portal.

14 October 2018 : the site immigrated to a secure connection ( https ).
This implies that some links and donwload may not work, in this case try a change the URL from http to https.
In addition to the games ( before the date indicated ), with the online ranking, they may no longer be able to field their data to the latter.

January 2024: I have made many changes to the code of this site to improve it and so that it uses the database less.

For information, reports, advice, questions or feedback on the site or my projects, send me a message on Twitter ( X ) : @gamequiz_tk.

You can find me in the forum or related discord channel.